V21N01 (1984) The Legendary Benefactor

Very few are unhappy with posting/scanning speed, and trying their best to disturb using own & fake ids at this blog & some more blogs.
Lagi kaya? Lagi hai to aur laggate hai na. Dekhte hain ki aag laganewale, apni hi aag ko khud hi kitna jhel pate hain. ;)
We'll try  increasing the frequency of the post - taking just as fun & comics for all only. Shall we try?  What you say?
Enjoy one more missing number of this blog - scanned & edited from OWN copy (as his all previous scans) by a member of this blog "Venkit".
It's IJC version of S-49: The Frameup (25 Aug 1957 - 22 Dec 1957). 
In Indrajal Comics this strip was first pinted in #20 (1965) as "The Mysterious Bank Robbery". The colouring and size of some panels are different. Some like old version, some new prints. Please, check and decide yourself.

Script: Lee Falk 
Artist: Wilson McCoy

Download NEW HR C2C scans  (2000px width) - 93 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


Maheshinder Dhaliwal said...

Congratulations brother for your  Scan of Inderajal comics. I don't understand why some people are unhappy with you. Don't care about them you do your job and I know you are the best and your Iderajal Comics blog is the best on the net. I will send you more  from my scans of Hindi Inderajal. Because of cold I was not able to sit and scan in the room. I  enjoying sunshine at my lawn in these cold days. And also updating my Blog in free time. I sent you a Hindi Indrajal link of ramchritramanas but you never post that here.

pbc2007 said...

-----------------------I wish to say something & want to ask HARDCORE supports of a BASTARD (read below) - Are you like backing of him. ---------------------------------------------------

Thanks bother!

Your 209 Hindi is coming soon.


Frankly I don’t think myself as a blogger, yes I can
arrange & make tasks easy – that’s I had tried. For this capability I’m
known in real life also.


Today we have all Eng Indrajal, thanks to several
bloggers & contributors. Same is happening with Hindi.

Who has really done most job – what they did, it’s
visible to blinds too; without big (fake) words.

For such, these are just comics – being shared because
liked by us.

Who has some other goal are making fuse only. Probably
nothing achieved in real life.


A copyrights syndrome suffering person, wished to close all blogs, and always abused contributors’
scanning (have saved mails/chats with me) – although his own scans dances at
different angles.

Mine (B&C),
our (IJC-online) and many others (new & old) are running - even much
better. Why & how? It’s above his understanding. Lagti hai na, jali. ;)


He is trying his
best giving unasked advices (which are not followed by himself) – just for
creating conflicts. Was stopped several times (decently), however like dog’s
tail every time after coming out from pipe becomes curve.


Probably still mentally a 6-10 years old child.

I suspect something TRAGIC happened in childhood or
last years with his family.

Poor ....


Today I became sure who he’s. He wrote a long letter
(sent to some person) and attacked at me wife. My wife had decided to tackle this
BABY VERY SOON.  Sandals are coming soon…..
Helmet & pads are not going to save. Ha.. ha.. ha..


But, he crossed limits. I had promised him many months ago - some flowers also.
Hoped he’ll grow, but didn’t. He knows very well that I RETURN WITH % &
KEEP MY WORDS. So, these are also on board.Hoping you got - who is this DALAL. If not, let me know. 

HojO said...

Keep on posting!

PS - What a hilarious term..."GAY DALAL" !! hahahahhahahaha :)) I hope u will take care of "her" ! ;o))

pbc2007 said...

It's now
irreversible process as my wife has DECIDED to tackle him publicly in real
life. Just wait.

What I'll do, just watch. I'll not let “HER” die
and live too. That’s all.

pbc2007 said...

Wish to congratulate & thank you. Keep your attitude like this time - just
ignore some provocative comments. People will see themselves, who is the culprit.
Nice achievement. A big setback to ghisi piti Rajniti.

HojO said...

I hope for da best,as same old rajniti is getting really irritating! He has a teenager daughter,but himself(or 'herself'? ;)) behaving like an imature teen only! He did some really good job in past,but what he is doing in recent time - from doing open BLACK MARKETING of Indrajal to accuse others - is beyond all limits!!


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