V20N39 (1983) The Phantom's Adored Gem - II

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It's the 2nd & concluding part of IJC version of  D -149: Tale of Rex (18 Jan 1982 - 11 Sep 1982).
Script: Lee Falk 
Artist: Seymour Barry 

Download NEW HR C2C scans  (2000px width) - 93 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


Shailinder Chadha said...

I want to ask one question from prabhat singh and
veketachalya as both of you are aware about this fact that more than 90% English
inderjal comics have already been shared and posted by Mr. Ajay Mishra alone,  comics which both of you are posting now ,
already contributed by Mr. Ajay few years ago.  So it is of no use to post those inderjal
which is already available (thankx to Mr. Ajay)

If total inderjal which is around 800 - I think, will you
guys post these 800 comics repeatedly every year. Please post something new if
you have in your sleeves

Which is not posted by Mr. Ajay or other bloggers, then you
are welcome but please don’t give link of same comics which are  already available . We need some fresh air and
fresh post not stale one

Sheela Chithralingaiah said...

Thank you  for this comic! I had missed out on it earlier when I was a girl!..Good work sir!

pbc2007 said...

You are welcome!
 Keep visiting, with time HR version of every IJC by our team you could collect. A good flow of NEW HR version of English is coming this year & Hindi fans should be happy also.

venkitachalam subramanian said...

First and foremost, it does not matter what you say, but what matters is how you say it. Be courteous. Be to the point and if you are addressing some one by name, get his or her name straight. Wonder how you will feel if I address you as Shitendra Chutiya.
As regards the comics shared and posted by Mr. Ajay Mishra, I have always acknowledged that he is the pioneer of Indrajal Comics scanning

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Appreciate ur thanks a lot. Like Prabhat said, keep visiting for more HR versions of comics.

pbc2007 said...

Well, for you kind
information only 803 IJCs were printed ever.


If you are happy
with 1 to 5 mb old scans (which major part scanned by others) as Ajay's scan.
Let be. You can count all new scans scanned by others as him. You can ignore
his remixing. It's your problem.


Did you ever try
checking about 90% scanning claim? :) It’s very simple arthematics. ;)


If you can’t
recognize scans, better keep silence. Making yourself funny – no matter whom
you are – it’s your real name or a fake one.


Read comment part
of http://indrajal-online.blogspot.com/2011/10/crucial-moment-my-1250-days-of-ijc.html for answer of your many
questions  and have a look at real face
of your ICON. He is idiot enough, so bark at wrong time himself. A puppy is not
required for him.


Better leave about
other bloggers. Have a look at about us, if don’t know the story. All know my e-mail,
so if anyone will have problem, he can talk directly, no mediator is required.


We decided to
rescan & post all 803 here. Just to show the history as it m


Many new people
are rescanning. Many times already available as HR scans a new version comes,
we thanks for their efforts. Because, it’s not a copyright of any scanning
person - if scanned, none would.


It’s your choice,
download or not.

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